Paolo Contis Speaks on His Sweetness with Arra San Agustin

Paolo Contis, the Eat Bulaga host has acknowledged the affectionate moments shared with his co-host, Arra San Agustin.

The two have been romantically linked due to their affectionate behavior on the noontime show. At one point, he was even spotted kissing her.

Paolo Contis Breaks Silence on “Landian” with Arra San Agustin

Paolo Contis speaks on his “sweetness” with Eat Bulaga co-host Arra San Agustin

PAOLO CONTIS – The Eat Bulaga host has addressed the speculation surrounding his sweetness with co-host Arra San Agustin.

A video portraying Paolo kissing Arra on the forehead and her playfully smelling his shirt circulated online, sparking curiosity among many netizens about the nature of their relationship. Some questioned if this was a strategic move to boost the popularity of the noontime show or if there was genuine romantic involvement between them.

Paolo responded to these viral moments by explaining that their affectionate interactions were part of a scripted sketch for “Eat Bulaga!” He clarified in an interview with that the scenes, which had circulated online, were not yet aired on television. He emphasized that these actions were purely for entertainment and were not meant to suggest any romantic connection between him and Arra.

In a text message he sent to Gorgy Rula, he also addressed a supposed photo of him and Arra at the gym. “Sana kinunan nila yung buong grupo, hindi yung kaming dalawa lang. Lahat kami nag-gym,” he noted.

The actor’s clarification comes amidst speculation about his relationship status with Yen Santos, his co-star in the movie “A Faraway Land”. Additionally, there are suggestions of a possible project involving Paolo and Arra, fueling assumptions that their on-screen partnership might be intentionally cultivated.

Furthermore, social media accounts under the name “Official PaoRa” have emerged, combining Paolo and Arra’s names, implying the growing support and interest in their potential pairing. However, Paolo has stated that there are no intentions to form a love team with Arra, despite the rising fan attention.

As of press time, Arra San Agustin as well as Yen Santos have yet to air any statement regarding the issue.

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