Mark Leviste Declares Kris Aquino is His “World”

Mark Leviste has something to share about his relationship with Kris Aquino

MARK LEVISTE – The vice governor of Batangas declared that Kris Aquino is his “world.”

In an exclusive interview with, the politician revealed the real status of his relationship with the Queen of All Media. According to Mark, he and Kris are still a couple, and in fact, they will mark seven months this November.

“We’re in a different level and I can only hope that everything will work out for the better. I can proudly say that we’re still together, [and] still going strong,” he replied when asked about their status. Furthermore, he disclosed, “To my count, we are officially six months going on seven in a relationship this November.”

The vice-governor also admitted that, like most people, encountering problems in a relationship is unavoidable. Nevertheless, he expressed confidence in their ability to handle and overcome these issues together without any difficulty.

Mark Leviste likened their relationship to an amusement park ride, citing both the challenges and manageable aspects akin to the highs and lows of a roller-coaster or Ferris wheel. They have acknowledged their mistakes and aspire to build a lasting, harmonious relationship with divine guidance. Additionally, the politician recognizes the importance of Kris’s family in his life.

“Now more than ever, Kris, the kids and her sisters have become a big part of my life and that of my own family—she’s more than just my girlfriend … Kris is my world,” Vice Governor Mark sweetly expressed.

To recall, it was in June this year when the politician opened up about his relationship with Kris. But after a few weeks, the TV host announced their separation due to a misunderstanding. As of press time, Kris is in the US undergoing treatment and recovery for her autoimmune diseases.

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