Maiqui Pineda To Start Organizing Autoimmune Support Group In PH?

Maiqui Pineda: “I tried joining more global support groups but I haven’t seen any locally. Is this a sign to start one?”

MAIQUI PINEDA – Is the fiancée of Robi Domingo planning to start organizing an autoimmune support group in the Philippines?

She recently gave an update on her blog where she reflected back on how her October was and she also talked about “what’s next” for her.

In her blog, Maiqui said that she receives messages on Instagram from people who went through or are experiencing similar symptoms, conditions, and treatments. She shared that she tries to reply and help those people as much as she can because she knows what it feels like to be lost, confused, and scared.

Maiqui Pineda
Photo: Maiqui Pineda / Instagram

Maiqui added that one person even asked her if she knew of any autoimmune support group in the Philippines.

According to her, she tried joining more global support groups but she hasn’t seen any locally. She went on to ask, “Is this a sign to start one? Is this what’s next for me?

Aside from this, Maiqui also shared that she stayed home most of the month of October because she wanted to be “extra careful” as she’s adjusting her medicines. She said that she made sure to avoid going out and being exposed as there were stories of people getting sick with COVID-19 or flu, but the isolation did get to her at some point.

Maiqui shared that as she reflects more on the idea of organizing an autoimmune support group locally, starting to adjust back to life again is what’s really next for her. According to her, she has shifted back to focusing on her wedding with Robi, her future home, and everything she needs to do for it since her tests and body continue to improve.

She also said that she has decided to try therapy in order to deal with all the trauma that she went through because of the condition, adding that she got a personal trainer to start working on strengthening her body again.

I am also looking forward to seeing a lot more people this holiday season and just enjoy all the Christmas festivities,” she said.

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