Madam Kilay’s Sister Responds to the Vlogger’s Accusations

Joy Cubillen, the sister of Jinky Cubillen-Anderson, who is widely recognized as Madam Kilay, has responded to the vlogger’s allegations.

Madam Kilay previously took to social media to accuse her sister of withdrawing money from her bank account in the Philippines.

Joy Cubillen Denies Accusations of her Sister Madam Kilay: “Wala sa akin ATM ng anak mo”

Here’s the reaction of Joy Cubillen on accusations of Madam Kilay

JOY CUBILLEN – The sister of Madam Kilay denied the accusations made against her by the social media personality herself.

Madam Kilay, whose real name is Jinky Cubillan Anderson, is an internet celebrity who gained fame with her “Kilay is Life” trend. Before that, she worked as a bartender. Eventually, she met an American soldier named Paul Anderson. Paul was attracted to her “rare” beauty and singing skills. To make a long story short, they fell in love with each other and tied the knot.

Currently, the social media personality is making rounds online after she accused her sister of withdrawing the P2.5 million she had entrusted to her sibling. “Baka gusto mo ilabas ang pera ko Joy Cubillen, kasi may mga pinapasahod akong tao! Gusto mo pa ata luluhod ako sayo! Di ka madala sa maayos na usap naka block pa ko pwes ipapabasa naten to sa mga chismosa para makarating sayo!” she said. “KAPATID KONG MUKHANG PERA JOY CUBILLEN INSTANT MILLIONARIO KA!! LORD PLEASE TULUNGAN MO PO AKO!!” she added.

Jinky also alleged that Joy had taken out P40,000 from her child’s account. Nonetheless, Joy denied the accusations, stating that it was impossible since she didn’t possess the ATM card of Jinky’s child and urged her sister to stop spreading lies. “Ul*l wala sa akin ATM ng anak mo pwede ba tigilan mo ko sa mga kasinungalingan mo,” said Joy.

Jinky remained unconvinced by Joy’s denial and challenged her to provide bank account records to prove her innocence. She also presented evidence showing that Joy had transferred the money to her own account.

The potential for legal action from Jinky against her sister remains uncertain. Nevertheless, some experts speculated that proving Jinky’s accusations might be challenging as she had authorized the account to be in her sister’s name, potentially complicating the situation.

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