Issa Pressman Says She’s Not Returning To Acting: “I’ll let my sister do that”

Issa Pressman was asked about retuning to acting

ISSA PRESSMAN – The sister of actress Yassi Pressman recently revealed that she’s not returning to acting.

She said this when was interviewed at local launch of H&M and Rabanne’s collection in Makati City last November 6, 2023.

In an interview with, the Careless Music talent said “No” when she was asked about returning to acting. She explained that it was something that she has already done before growing up.

Issa Pressman
Photo: Issa Pressman / Instagram

Issa last appeared in the movies “Camp Sawi” in 2016 and “Luck At First Sight” in 2017.

According to the 25-year-old personality, she started doing acting when she was 3 years old and she’s doing it until she’s 22 years old. She then said that she’ll let her sister do the acting.

“I started when I was 3 and then I was doing acting until I was like 22,” Issa said in an interview with “But then maybe right now, not really. I’ll let my sister do that.

In the same interview, she was also asked about her career plans. She revealed that she’s looking forward to releasing her new song.

Although the Careless Music talent had to take a brief pause following her cyst-removal surgery earlier this year, Issa told that music has always been part of her life and she has been actively working on her music.

I’ve been working I’ve been writing songs, I’ve been making demos, and then due to the operation, I had to put it on a pause,” she said. “But then, music has always been part of me, but [I’m] releasing something next year!

When asked what can her listeners expect from her music, she said that her new songs are “gonna be different” as her listeners can expect “something dance-y” and something with drums.

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