GLoan Sakto Payment — When Should You Pay Your Loan Dues?

Here’s when you should pay your GLoan Sakto payment dues

GLOAN SAKTO PAYMENT — This article will teach you on when you should pay your loan dues to avoid late payment fees.

A GLoan Sakto is a fast and easy cash loan solution offered by GCash. With this cash loan solution, you can instantly loan PHP 100 – PHP 500.

This cash loan solution is a good entry loan for you if you are new to borrowing money since this is payable in 14 or 30 days only at 0% interest. Also, you can use this cash loan solution if you need extra cash to pay bills or buy items from GCash partner merchants.

GLoan Sakto Payment — When Should You Pay Your Loan Dues

But when should you pay your loan dues?

Your GLoan Sakto loan will be due 14 or 30 days from the date you took out the loan and the exact due date will be specified in your GLoan Dashboard. You need to pay your loan on or before the due date in order to avoid late payment fees.

Also, you may pay your loan in advance via GLoan dashboard in the GCash app. You can also check the total amount that you need to pay by referring to the total amount due in your GLoan Dashboard or through your amortization schedule.

Keep in mind that paying your loan dues early boosts your chances of getting a better GScore. In addition, you can get a chance to access regular GLoan or unlock other lending features in GCash if you have a better GScore.

You may also avail of this cash loan solution as long as you are eligible, regardless of your dues with other products such as GGives or GCredit.

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