Elizabeth Oropesa Reveals Having a Child with Dante Rivero

Did you know that Elizabeth Oropesa has a child with Dante Rivero?

ELIZABETH OROPESA – The veteran actress revealed in an interview with Snooky Serna that she has a child with Dante Rivero.

Elizabeth Oropesa, also known as La Oropesa or “Boots,” is a Filipina actress. She achieved Grand Slam Best Actress recognition for her role in “Bulaklak Ng Maynila” (1999) and was crowned Miss Luzon in the Miss Republic of the Philippines 1972.

In her early career, Oropesa gained recognition in films like “Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop Sa Balat Ng Lupa” (1974) and “Mister Mo, Lover Boy Ko” (1975). She collaborated frequently with director Ishmael Bernal, winning accolades for films like “Lumapit, Lumayo ang Umaga” (1975) and “Nunal sa Tubig” (1976).

Oropesa’s notable movies include “Alupihan Dagat” (1975), “Aguila” (1980), “Hide and Seek sa Manila, Makati” (1977), and “Palabra de Honor” (1983). She received awards for her roles in “Milagros” (1997) and “Sa Pusod ng Dagat” (1998) and achieved a Best Actress grand slam for “Bulaklak Ng Maynila” (1999). Throughout her career, Elizabeth Oropesa has appeared in over 150 movies and television shows since 1973.

Recently, she appeared in Snooky Serna’s vlog wherein she admitted that she has a child with actor Dante Rivero. “Dante is the only man in my life that belongs to the showbiz world. Siya lang, walang iba,” Elizabeth said in an interview with Snooky.

Snooky asked Elizabeth if Dante is her great love, to which she replied: “Of course, we have one son.” She added: “Yeah, hindi lang ako kasi madaldal. Noong araw kasi, hindi uso ‘yung… wala naman social media. And then you don’t normally talk about your personal life before.” Their son is turning 40 now, and they are still friends to this day.

Watch the interview of Elizabeth Oropesa with Snooky Serna in the video below:

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