Bianca Umali Says Fear Makes Her Braver

Bianca Umali: “It’s kind of contradicting, but I love the fear because it makes me braver”

BIANCA UMALI – The actress recently shared that she loves the fear she feels because her fear makes her braver.

The actress said this when she appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” where she talked about her career in the showbiz industry and her love life as well.

Bianca is set to star in the upcoming Kapuso fantaserye “San’gre: Encantadia Chronicles” with Angel Guardian, Kelvin Miranda, and Faith Da Silva. She will play the role of Danaya’s daughter, Terra, who is also the new keeper of the “Brilyante ng Lupa”.

Bianca Umali

In an interview with talk show host Boy Abunda, she confessed that she can’t help but still feel scared despite having a successful career in showbiz and an ongoing 5-year relationship with “Black Rider” actor Ruru Madrid.

According to the actress, she sometimes questions if things are actually real and fears that something bad may happen to her in return. Despite this, she said that her fear is what strengthens her.

She added that she loves the fear she feels because it makes her braver and it pushes her to work harder and to do her best.

In the same interview, Bianca shared that she and Ruru discuss this “a lot” and also admitted that there are also times when she and her partner feel weak despite having successful careers. According to her, she and her partner turn to each other, lean on each other, and give each other strength.

And to accept, Tito, that life will never be perfect,” she said. “But ‘yung acceptance of all the imperfections ng buhay, that’s what makes it perfect, ‘cause not everyone, not anyone, can accept the imperfections in life.

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