Rendon Labador Warns Yexel Sebastian: “Tatago ka pa sa Japan? Hahanapin kita!”

Rendon Labador warns Yexel Sebastian and his wife

RENDON LABADOR – The motivational speaker took to social media to issue a warning to the alleged “scammer,” Yexel Sebastian, and his wife.

Toy collector Yexel Sebastian and his partner Mikee Agustin are currently under public scrutiny due to their alleged involvement in a PHP200 million investment scam. They are currently in Japan. The Bureau of Immigration confirmed their departure and stated that no charges had been filed against them by the complainants.

On October 10, 2023, Yexel Sebastian posted a video and an explanation in response to the serious accusations against him and Mikee. In the video, he mentioned an individual named “Hector Pantollano,” who is allegedly the owner of the investment company being complained about. Yexel claimed that they had participated in a legitimate casino event in 2022, and everything appeared legal and above board.

Yexel Sebastian

The alleged PHP200 million investment scam came to public attention when investors approached Senator Raffy Tulfo’s public service program. An investor named Amal Rosaroso claimed that they were asked for a minimum investment of one million pesos, with a promised 5% interest rate. The investors expected a contract, but when they received one, it turned out to be a “contract of loan” rather than an investment contract.

When Yexel Sebastian was contacted by Tulfo, he acknowledged being an investor alongside Mikee and explained that they had posted about the investment opportunity on social media, clarifying that the business belonged to Hector Pantollana. The complainants argued that Yexel and Mikee were evading them and had blocked them on social media, and they were not familiar with the Hector mentioned by Yexel.

Meanwhile, Rendon Labador warned Yexel and his wife, stating that he will search for them and emphasized that the two should be imprisoned. He said, “Tatago ka pa sa Japan? Hahanapin kita!!! Ikulong ang mag asawang scammer! Salot sa lipunan!!!”

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