BREAKING NEWS: Pastor Dimver Andales Arrested

Pastor Dimver Andales, the alleged mastermind behind the killing of Adrian Rovic Fornillos was apprehended

PASTOR DIMVER ANDALES – The alleged mastermind behind the killing of Mr. Cagayan de Oro candidate Adrian Rovic Fornillos has been arrested based on a Warrant of Arrest for the murder case.

It can be recalled that the story of Fornillos’ death gained attention after reports surfaced on social media implicating Pastor Andales due to his relationship with Fornillos’ girlfriend. Aside from Andales, another individual, Junior Pastor Jether Nonot, who was allegedly driving the getaway vehicle used in the crime, has also been apprehended.

According to the Pastor’s legal counsel, they will work to prove their client’s innocence in court. As of press time, the camp of Fornillos has yet to issue any statement regarding the pastor’s arrest.

Before his arrest, Pastor Dimver Andales vehemently denied being the “sugar daddy” of Fornillos’ girlfriend, Jone Orog. The pastor insisted that he could not commit such an act. To recall, it was in May of this year that the male pageant contestant from Cagayan de Oro lost his life after being shot in the head. Fornillos, a vibrant 24-year-old, had just finished his workout and was heading to a friend’s place for a rehearsal for the Mr. CDO 2023 competition. Unfortunately, fate dealt him a harsh blow.

As Adrian parked his motorcycle and was about to get off, an unknown person approached him and demanded that he remove his helmet. Out of nowhere, the attacker suddenly fired a fatal shot, hitting Adrian in the head. Swiftly, the assailant escaped by boarding a “bao-bao” tricab.

In a video posted by GMA Regional TV News, Pastor Dimver Andales and Junior Pastor Jether Nonot were seen being escorted by the police on their way to court. His camp is expected to release a statement regarding his arrest.

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