Kamikazee’s Narda Performed by Vice Ganda in Sorsogon

The hit single “Narda” by Kamikazee was performed by Vice Ganda in Sorsogon.

The Filipino rock band made headlines after being ejected by the governor of the province and was not allowed to perform.

Vice Ganda Sings ‘Narda’ by Kamikazee in Sorsogon

While performing in Sorsogon, Vice Ganda sang a part of Narda popularized by Kamikazee

VICE GANDA – The Unkabogable Comedian performed Narda, one of the greatest hits of Kamikazee during a number in Sorsogon.

The Filipino rock band has recently garnered attention online after they were prohibited from performing in Sorsogon. They were supposed to perform in the Kasanggayahan Festival in Casiguran, Sorsogon, on Sunday, October 1, 2023. However, Governor Edwin “Boboy” Hamor declared that they had opted not to allow the group to perform.

The band received orders to depart and was denied accommodation at the Recidencia Del Hamor hotel, where they had reservations. Instead, they were transported to the airport, where they spent the morning. Governor Hamor did not disclose the specific actions of Kamikazee but mentioned that they had displayed disrespect.

According to an insider from Tribuna, a Sorsogon-based newspaper, the band supposedly mocked the governor, referring to him as a “driver” for his consistent white attire. The source further noted that Kamikazee declined to have their photo taken with 16,000 blue roses and refused to use the public restroom. Allegedly, the band was paid 1.8 million pesos for their supposed performance.

Several days following the incident, it came to light that Vice Ganda had, indeed, graced Sorsogon with a performance that brought delight and laughter to the community. Footage depicted sizable crowds assembling to enjoy his show.

Nevertheless, what caught the audience off guard was the unexpected treat Vice Ganda had prepared. He kicked off his performance by singing Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.” However, midway through the song, he seamlessly blended in Kamikazee’s “Narda.” This unexpected twist thrilled the Sorsogon audience, sparking enthusiastic cheers.

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