Kamikazee Told to Leave and Were Not Allowed to Perform for These Reasons?

Alleged reasons why Kamikaze was told to leave and not allowed to perform in Sorsogon

KAMIKAZEE – The Filipino rock band is currently making waves online after being prohibited from performing in Sorsogon.

The band, known for some of the greatest rock hits in the country, was scheduled to perform during the Kasanggayahan Festival in Casiguran, Sorsogon on Sunday, October 1, 2023. However, Governor Edwin “Boboy” Hamor stated that they decided not to allow the group to perform.

The band was instructed to leave and was not even accommodated at the Recidencia Del Hamor hotel, where they were supposed to stay. They were then taken to the airport, where they spent the morning. Governor Hamor did not disclose what Kamikazee had done, but according to him, they were disrespected by Kamikazee.

However, according to a source from Tribuna, a Sorsogon-based newspaper, the band allegedly poked fun at the governor, referring to him as a “driver” for always wearing white. The source added that Kamikazee refused to have their picture taken with 16,000 blue roses and refused to use the public restroom.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Valdez took to social media to shed light on the issue. According to him, in his many years of bringing bands and artists to Sorsogon, the governor had never requested a photo with them.

He went out of his way to accommodate the governor’s simple request a couple of days before the event. Imago and I Belong to the Zoo graciously agreed without any issues. However, Kamikazee caused him stress days before the event by not responding to the request. They finally agreed 30 minutes before their set.

While the governor was waiting for them at the venue, they refused to get out of the van, and for the first time in his years in the business, he pleaded with them to come down for a 2-minute picture. He even offered to give them an additional fee for it.

Valdez noted that he nearly knelt down, but they ignored him. Finally, the governor’s assistant approached him, saying, “Jo, come on, tell Gov!” They were then asked to leave Sorsogon and were not allowed to perform, despite being fully paid, and all their requests, including liquor, were granted.

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