Kamikazee Barred from Performing in Sorsogon

The Filipino rock band Kamikazee was barred from performing in Sorsogon.

The group was scheduled to perform during the Kasanggayahan Festival in Casiguran but was instructed by the governor to leave and not return.

Kamikazee ‘Pinalayas’ by Sorsogon Governor

Why Was Kamikazee Not Allowed to Perform in Sorsogon?

KAMIKAZEE – The Filipino rock band was told to leave and was not allowed to perform by the governor of Sorsogon.

The OPM band was supposed to perform during the Kasanggayahan Festival in Casiguran, Sorsogon on Sunday, October 1, 2023. However, in a viral video, Governor Edwin “Boboy” Hamor said that they decided not to allow the group to perform. In the said video, the governor apologized to the concertgoers, saying that Kamikazee, led by Jay Contreras, was not permitted to perform.

The band was instructed to leave and was not even accommodated in the hotel (Recidencia Del Hamor) where they were supposed to stay. They were then taken to the airport, where they spent the morning. Governor Hamor did not disclose what Kamikazee had done, but according to him, they were disrespected by Kamikazee.

“Sana na naintindihan niyo. Hindi ko gusto to. Kaso sinabi ko nga, may attitude. Hindi na yan makakabalik sa Sorsogon, maniwala kayo sa akin. Maraming banda, maraming banda na gustong magpasaya sa atin. Pero kung ganun naman yung ugali, pasensiyahan tayo. Okay?” he said.

“Inuulit ko, bayad yun. Kasi bago mag-perform sila dapat bayad. Pero pinauwi ko na, hindi ko na patitirahin yun sa Residencia. Pinauwi ko na sa airport, dun sila mag-umaga. Okay? Inuulit ko, hindi tayo puwedeng bastusin ang mga taga-Sorsogon. Pinipilit ko na itaas ang dignidad ng bawat Sorsoganon, pero huwag ganun. Huwag ganun na tayo’y bastusin. Okay?” he added.

The audience agreed with the governor’s words, with some saying “okay!” Apparently, it’s still not clear what the exact reason was why they were told to leave and not allowed to perform.

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