Jonalyn Galleno Earns Over 1M Monthly Because of TikTok

Jonalyn Galleno, the sister of Jovelyn Galleno, is earning more than 1 million pesos per month because of her TikTok page.

Galleno has been posting videos of herself on the said video-sharing platform while taking a bath and endorsing a product at the same time.

Jovelyn Galleno’s Sister Earns More or Less 1 Million Pesos per Month as an Online Seller, TikToker

As an online seller and TikToker, Jovelyn Galleno’s sister is now earning approximately 1 million pesos

JONALYN GALLENO – The sister of Jovelyn Galleno is now earning more or less 1 million pesos for being an online seller and TikToker.

A year ago, the nation was engrossed in the case of Jovelyn Galleno, but it appears that her family has managed to find financial stability and comfort since then. Jovelyn’s sister, Jonalyn, has now transitioned into an online seller and proudly shared that she’s generating approximately 1 million pesos per month through her new business venture. In a video, she detailed how she rapidly accumulated a substantial income as a reseller.

In June this year, Jonalyn disclosed that she had earned 302,000 pesos, and just a month later, she announced an astonishing 1.1 million pesos in commissions. This news brought joy to netizens who were pleased to see the Galleno family prosper despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Jovelyn’s case.

It’s worth noting that Jovelyn’s disappearance became a widely discussed topic in 2022, primarily due to the unusual aspects of the case. On August 5, 2022, Jovelyn was reported missing by her family after she was last spotted at the mall where she worked part-time as a saleswoman.

The absence of surveillance footage made it challenging for authorities to quickly trace Jovelyn’s whereabouts. After 18 days, her skeletal remains were discovered, a development that many found difficult to believe given the rapid decomposition.

Nonetheless, a DNA test confirmed the identity of the remains as Jovelyn. Although two individuals admitted their involvement in the events surrounding Jovelyn, the court dismissed charges against them due to insufficient evidence. As of the latest update, the case remains unresolved, leaving many questions surrounding the tragic circumstances of Jovelyn Galleno’s disappearance and death.

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