Gaile Francesca Defended by Cristy Fermin

Gaile Francesca, the alleged illegitimate child of Francis M, was defended by entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin.

Gaile and her mom Abegail Rait were heavily criticized after claiming their connection with the late Master Rapper.

Cristy Fermin Defends Gaile Francesca Rait from Bashers

Here is Cristy Fermin’s message regarding Gaile Francesca Rait

CRISTY FERMIN – The veteran entertainment columnist defended Gaile Francesca Rait, the alleged illegitimate child of Francis Magalona, against bashers.

Abegail Rait’s recent controversial revelation on Pinoy Pawnstars has caught the attention of Cristy Fermin, Romel Chika, and Wendell Alvarez at Showbiz Now Na!

Abegail, a former flight attendant, made headlines after introducing herself as the former lover of the late Master Rapper, Francis Magalona. According to Abegail, they kept their relationship a secret for 15 years, along with their child Gaile Francesca.

While the mother and child faced criticism from some netizens, others defended their right to recognition, emphasizing Gaile’s innocence. Cristy Fermin appealed that Gaile shouldn’t be involved in the bashing her mother is receiving in connection to their revelation.

“Pero yung kay Gail Francesca, ‘wag naman po nating idamay ang bata sa ganitong pagkakataon,” Cristy said. She mentioned that a child cannot choose their parents or their circumstances in life. “Bigyan po natin ng palugit sa ating puso ang bata,” Cristy requested, especially considering that the child also seems interested in entering the showbiz world.

Meanwhile, it was just recently when Gaile Francesca Rait sat down for a one-on-one interview with Julius Babao. At one point, she expressed her willingness to meet her father’s other children and hoped they would accept her as a part of the family. She emphasized that her intentions were purely positive and that she had no plans to disrupt the Magalona family.

Francesca conveyed, “I want to tell them that I hope that you accept me. I don’t have any bad intentions, I just…” As of the current moment, the Magalona family has not issued any statements in response to the revelations made by Abegail Rait and her child Gaile Francesca.

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