Doug Kramer Tells Chesca Garcia That She’s Still His Crush

Doug Kramer to Chesca Garcia: “You’re still my crush baby!”

DOUG KRAMER – Former basketball player Doug Kramer told his wife Chesca Garcia that she’s still his crush.

Chesca and Doug celebrated their 20 years of togetherness last October 9, 2023. To mark their special day, Doug posted a series of photos with Chesca along with a sweet message for her.

Doug told Chesca in the caption of his social media post that they started their journey together last October 9, 2003, he proposed to her last October 9, 2007, and they got married last October 9, 2008.

Doug Kramer Chesca Garcia
Photos: Doug Kramer / Instagram

He then told his wife that he has been with her “half my life”, adding that they enjoyed the highs and also held each other even more during the lows.

Doug went on to tell Chesca that she’s still his crush and he’s still attracted to her because there’s just so much to love about her. The former basketball player added that he truly loves her more than the day he married her.

According to him, God gave him the best partner he could have and the best mom to his children.

The former basketball player also said that there’s no challenge or battle he’s afraid of because they have each other and they both believe that they have a God that is bigger than any problem they can encounter.

Doug ended his social media post by greeting Chesca on their 15th wedding anniversary and 20 years of togetherness.

Cheers to more disagreements and reconciliations sealed with a kiss!” Doug said. “My job is to continue to cherish and nurture you more every day, of every year that we’re together.

Chesca, for her part, marked their special day by sharing a video compilation on her social media account along with a sweet message for her husband.

It was last April 2023 when Doug shared the glimpse of a new house as his family held a groundbreaking ceremony at that time.

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