TNT Duets Champ JM dela Cerna Diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy

JM dela Cerna has Bell’s Palsy

JM DELA CERNA – The singer disclosed that he is currently undergoing therapy after being diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. Dela Cerna shared this personal update during an appearance on “Magandang Buhay,” where he and his singing partner, Marielle Montellano, known as the Sidlak Bisdak duo, were guests.

The singer explained that his Bell’s palsy diagnosis came shortly after he and Montellano clinched the “Tawag ng Tanghalan: Duets” crown. He expressed mixed emotions about the timing, stating, “Medyo nakaka-sad lang kasi kung kailan po kami nanalo, ayun po sunod-sunod po kasi’ yung projects and thank God po, ayun biglang hindi po gumalaw ‘yung dito ko (kaliwang bahagi ng mukha), wala na po akong maramdaman paggising ko kinabukasan.”

Dela Cerna shared that he is currently undergoing therapy, emphasizing that consistent therapy is crucial for recovery.

One interesting aspect of his therapy is singing. He consulted his doctor about whether he could continue to sing, and the doctor gave the green light, explaining that singing serves as an exercise that can be beneficial in his condition.

Bell’s palsy is a condition caused by inflammation or swelling of the facial nerve controlling the facial muscles. Symptoms include facial drooping, a one-sided smile, pain around the jaw or in and behind the ear, and difficulty closing one eye.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, while Bell’s palsy can affect anyone, it is more commonly seen in individuals aged 15 to 60. It is often triggered by a virus, typically herpes simplex. Fortunately, the website notes that symptoms usually improve within a few weeks, with full recovery taking between 3 to 6 months. Given that the symptoms can mimic those of a stroke, it is essential for individuals experiencing them to seek medical attention promptly.

During their appearance on “Magandang Buhay,” Dela Cerna and Montellano also expressed their aspirations to continue working together for an extended period. Dela Cerna shared his dream of holding concerts with Marielle, aiming to shine together and inspire more people through their music.

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