Savings Banks in the Philippines — A Guide for Banking Institutions that Prioritize Wealth Growth

List of Savings Banks in the Philippines which can Help You Grow Your Money

SAVINGS BANKS IN THE PHILIPPINES – Listed below are the banking institutions in the country that are under this type of bank.

There are several banks in the Philippines but these banking institutions belong to different types of banks thus the banks serve different major purposes. Are you looking for banks that can help you grow your existing wealth?

Savings Banks in the Philippines
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Among the banking institutions are the savings banks in the Philippines. A savings bank’s main aim is to help its clients grow their money either through interest or dividends. The bank lends to eligible individuals who have the capacity to pay the loan with interest.

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As mentioned earlier, there are several savings banks in the Philippines. Here is a list of the banking institutions under this type of bank as per the list of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or more popularly called the BSP:

  1. 1st Valley Bank
  2. AllBank, Inc.
  3. Bank of Makati
  4. Bank One Savings Corporation
  5. Bangko Kabayan, Inc. (a private development bank)
  6. Bataan Development Bank
  7. BPI Direct BanKo, Inc. (a subsidiary of BPI)
  8. CARD SME Bank, Inc. (a thrift bank)
  9. Century Savings Bank Corporation
  10. China Bank Savings
  11. City Savings Bank (a subsidiary of Unionbank)
  12. Citystate Savings Bank
  13. Cordillera Savings Bank, Inc.
  14. Dumaguete City Development Bank, Inc.
  15. Equicom Savings Bank (Equicom)
  16. First Consolidated Bank, Inc.
  17. Hiyas Banking Corporation
  18. HSBC Savings Bank Philippines Inc.
  19. Isla Bank (a thrift bank)
  20. Legazpi Savings Bank
  21. Lemery Savings and Loan Bank, Inc.
  22. Life Savings Bank, Inc.
  23. LOLC Bank Philippines, Inc. (a thrift bank)
  24. Luzon Development Bank
  25. Makiling Development Bank Corporation
  26. Malayan Savings Bank
  27. NorthPoint Development Bank, Inc.
  28. Overseas Filipino Bank (subsidiary of Landbank; government bank)
  29. Pacific Ace Savings Bank, Inc.
  30. Pampanga Development Bank
  31. Pen Bank, Inc. (formerly Peninsula RB, Inc.)
  32. Philippine Business Bank
  33. Philippine Savings Bank (PS Bank; a subsidiary of Metrobank)
  34. Philippine Star Development Bank, Inc.
  35. Producers Savings Bank Corporation (Producers Bank)
  36. Queen City Development Bank
  37. Quezon Coconut Bank, Inc. (a thrift bank)
  38. Rizal Microbank, Inc. (a thrift bank of RCBC)
  39. Sterling Bank of Asia
  40. Sun Savings Bank, Inc.
  41. UCPB Savings Bank (a subsidiary of UCPB)
  42. University Savings Bank, Inc.
  43. Wealth Development Bank Corporation
  44. Yuanta Savings Bank Philippines, Inc.

The BSP is the central bank and the biggest state banking institution in the Philippines. It governs the operation of all the banks in the country. It is also the body that releases banks with license to operate.

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