RSJ Lines Issues Statement Over Body Shaming Incident Involving Bacolod Student

RSJ Lines Conductor Body Shames Bacolod Student

RSJ Lines – The modern jeepney company based in Bacolod City has issued a statement regarding the body shaming incident involving one of their employees and a student.

A student from Bacolod City couldn’t help but express her frustration after she was publicly body-shamed by a conductor on a modern jeepney from RSJ Lines, Inc. On Facebook, a certain Lanimae Joy Libo-on Mag-aro narrated the incident, which she claimed to be traumatizing.

According to her, as soon as she boarded the jeepney, the conductor commented on her size and insisted that she should pay for two seats. She ignored him and went to sit at the back, but he persisted, saying, “Regular ka? Duwa ka bangko imo baydan ha” (“Are you a regular passenger? You should pay for two seats.)”

She replied that she was a student, to which he retorted, “Ti 22 imo baydan ha” (“Your fare is 22!”) since student fare is P11. Frustrated, she said, “Sige nong, manaog nalang ko” (“Okay, I’ll just get off,”) and tried to leave, but the conductor blocked her.

Another passenger told the conductor, “Tani wala mo siya gin amo na to, kasakit na ya” (“You shouldn’t have done that; it’s hurtful.”) When she finally got off, she burst into tears by the roadside, feeling deeply ashamed of herself. She felt humiliated, especially since many passengers witnessed what happened.

Lanimae never expected such an incident to occur to her. She hopes that conductors and drivers will be more careful with their words and actions, ensuring that passengers are treated respectfully, without any form of humiliation or body-shaming. She believes that such behavior should stop and that the conductor who treated her this way should be held accountable.

Meanwhile, RSJ Lines, Inc. has issued a statement regarding the incident. RSJ Lines apologized and assured that the said employee would be subjected to disciplinary action. Here’s their official statement:

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