Requirements for Australia Visa Application — A Complete Guide for Tourists

Lists of Eligibility & Documentary Requirements for Australia Visa Application for Tourists

REQUIREMENTS FOR AUSTRALIA VISA – Here is a complete guide for visitors who want to apply for an Australian visa.

Many of the items on the list of the top-rated attractions across the globe are found in Australia. It is not just a home to the best offers of nature, from luxuriant rainforests to oral reefs to red-earthed deserts, but also a place of modern vibes and progress. One of the most popular is the Sydney Opera House in New South Wales.

Requirements for Australia Visa
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Despite that Australia is not one of the no visa countries, its many beautiful sights and the experiences it offers is worth the cost and the energy for a travel visa application. Below, you can check the lists of requirements in applying for a travel visa.

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For the Australian visa application, there is a set of eligibility criteria that the applicant must comply with. To qualify, here are the requirements for Australia visa application:

  • a valid Philippine passport holder
  • of good moral character
  • undergo a medical examination
  • going for a temporary visit for tourism or business
  • with sufficient funds to support yourself during stay in Australia

There are also documentary requirements for Australia visa application. Here are the documents needed in applying for a travel visa to visit the country:

  • valid Philippines passport with photo, personal details, immigration stamps, issue and expiry dates
    • passport must be valid for at least three (3) months after arrival in Australia
    • in good condition
  • applicant’s photo
  • valid ID
  • proof of financial support
    • three (3) months bank account statements
    • pay slips or employment contract
    • tax records or income tax documents
    • credit card statements
    • proof of property ownership
    • letter from employer
  • documents proving ties to the Philippines
    • employment contract or certificate
  • Police Certificate
  • travel itinerary
  • family register and composition form
  • letters of invitation from relatives or friends in Australia

Please note that there is a specific list of eligibilities when it comes to the photo to be submitted as part of the requirements for Australia visa application. Your photo must comply with the following:

  • colored and within the last six months
  • face the camera directly
  • photo’s background must be plain white or light-colored and free from shadows or reflections
  • lenses should be free from any reflections
  • facial expression must be neutral
  • photo size should be 45mm high x 35mm wide

In case you are bringing a child with you to Australia, make sure that you prepare and submit the following documents for the visa application:

  • birth certificate must include both parents’ names
  • IDs of both parents
  • If the child is traveling alone or with only one parent, you must present a Form 1229
  • If the child is traveling without a parent or guardian and not staying with a relative or on an organized tour, the Form 1257 – Undertaking Declaration must be submitted

For the application, submit the aforementioned documents to the Embassy of Australia in the Philippines. It may a few weeks to weeks for the result to be released.

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