MTRCB Chair Lala Sotto Reveals Many People Suggesting to Cancel ‘It’s Showtime’

Lala Sotto on It’s Showtime: “There are also a lot of people suggesting to cancel the show”

LALA SOTTO – The chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), revealed that there has been significant public demand for the permanent cancellation of the Kapamilya show ‘It’s Showtime.’

During a recent senate hearing, Sotto disclosed that the MTRCB had received numerous appeals from concerned citizens who deemed the initial 12-day suspension imposed on ‘It’s Showtime’ insufficient as a penalty. Sotto stated, “There are also a lot of people suggesting to cancel the show. We consider other peoples’ comments too.”

She emphasized that the feedback they received was not limited to criticism of the 12-day suspension, as there were also calls for the complete cancellation of the show or an extension of the suspension period. “That is not the only comment that we receive, saying that a 12-day suspension is too much. There are also a lot [of those] saying that the show should be canceled or that the number of days should be extended,” she stressed.

The controversy that led to the suspension of ‘It’s Showtime’ stemmed from a cake-eating scene featuring Vice Ganda and Ion Perez during one of its segments, Isip Bata. Lala Sotto clarified that she had been present when the MTRCB board deliberated on the fate of ‘It’s Showtime,’ but she did not cast a vote in the decision-making process.

Critics have raised concerns about potential bias, given that Lala Sotto is the daughter of Tito Sotto, the host of ‘E.A.T,’ a competitor of ‘It’s Showtime.’ Some believe that her position as a public official may have influenced the MTRCB’s decision to suspend the Kapamilya show, possibly as a means to reduce competition.

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