Mariel Padilla Reacts to Husband Robin Padilla’s Accidental Exposure of His ‘Private Part’

Here’s the reaction of Mariel Padilla to the accidental exposure of the “private part” of her husband

MARIEL PADILLA – The wife of Robin Padilla has reacted to her husband’s accidental exposure during a live selling.

While conducting a live selling event on September 23, 2023, to promote a food supplement they both endorse, Robin could be seen mixing the said food supplement and shaking it in a drinking container. Suddenly, Robin bent down, and it became evident that he wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath his thobe, the Muslim robe he was wearing.

His private part was unintentionally exposed, and the video clip quickly went viral on social media. Mariel was then asked for a comment regarding the issue.

Through Facebook messaging, Mariel sent a brief statement to about the viral clip. “I find na hindi naman kailangan pag-usapan. So, hindi na kailangan mag-comment pa.” However, Robin has not yet commented on this matter.

This isn’t the first time Robin has been caught in such a situation. In 2011, Robin apologized for the controversial “boxer shorts” scene that was included in a documentary about his and Mariel’s love story, released by ABS-CBN. The documentary was titled “Iisang Landas: Ang Kuwentong Pag-Ibig ni Robin at Mariel.”

Mariel Padilla and Robin
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“Patawad po sa mga na-offend. Sa mga natuwa naman po ay salamat. Pero hindi po namin intensiyon yun na ganoon. “Kasi sa katunayan ay ngayon lang po ako nakitang naka-boxer shorts,” he said in an interview with the media at that time, “Twenty-five years na po ako sa pelikulang Pilipino at talagang ngayon lang ito naganap. Siguro talagang kailangan na talaga akong mag-underwear,” he added.

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