Lovely Abella Says She Undergoes Surgery Because Of Infection After Childbirth

Lovely Abella: “Mas malala pa nung nanganak ako ng normal”

LOVELY ABELLA – The celebrity mom shared that she underwent surgery because of infection after childbirth.

The celebrity entrepreneur posted a series of photos on her social media account and also underscored how every family has their own struggles.

She shared in the caption of her social media post that their current situation is excruciating for their family, especially for her, as she had an infection four days after giving birth to her first child and she needed to undergo surgery again.

Lovely Abella
Photo: Lovely Abella / Instagram

According to her, the surgery was worse than giving birth to a child through a normal delivery. She also said that no one wanted for all of this to happen, but she never questioned God why she had to be away from her family and fight depression alone.

While the celebrity mom opted not to expound on her condition, Lovely thanked those who donated their breast milk for her baby. She then promised that she will extend a helping hand to nursing moms once she gets better.

Kaya po hindi ako makapagpa-breastfeed sa anak ko, or kahit ‘yung na-pump ko dahil naka-antibiotic po ako; bawal po,” Lovely explained. “Kaya muli, salamat sa inyong lahat.

The comments section of Lovely’s social media post was filled with prayers and well-wishes from her fans and fellow celebrities.

It was last September 18, 2023 when celebrity couple Lovely Abella and Benj Manalo announced that they welcomed their first child last September 15, 2023 at 8:08 pm. They named their son Liam Emmanuel.

Meanwhile, the celebrity couple released a vlog on their YouTube channel where they documented her childbirth — from the time they went to the hospital for a checkup to the time they welcomed their baby boy.

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