Lorin Bektas Buys Own Car At 20 Years Old

Lorin Bektas on her own car: “It is fully paid for by me and I bought it in cash”

LORIN BEKTAS – The daughter of actress Ruffa Gutierrez recently shared that she’s able to buy her own car at the age of 20.

She posted a “GRWM” (Get Ready With Me) video on her TikTok account where she can be seen doing “a little touchup makeup moment” inside her newly-bought car – a Mercedes-Benz FLA 250.

In a video, Lorin shared that her newly-bought car was “fully paid for by me” and she bought the car “in cash”.

Lorin Bektas

According to her, she got the car “about a week ago” and she wanted to “wait a little bit, drive it around, make sure I loved it” before she decided to announce it to her viewers or tell anyone about it.

Lorin also said that it was something that has been on her vision board for the longest time – “specifically a Benz just like this one” – and she didn’t think it would be possible to do it. However, she said she got it done through “hard work, prayer, manifestation, and speaking things to existence”.

She went on to express her gratitude to her supporters and tell them that she wouldn’t be able to have the car without them.

I’m so, so incredibly blessed and grateful, and thank God for each and every one of you guys and pray for you every single night of my life,” Lorin said.

@loringabriella life update !!! #fyp #grwm ♬ original sound – lorin

It was last month when Lorin celebrated her 20th birthday.

Lorin, who is the eldest daughter of Ruffa Gutierrez and Yilmaz Bektas, has been attending to the requests of her supporters on TikTok where she constantly shares fashion and makeup videos.

It was last June when she shared a “GRWM” video while sharing some of her favorite memories with her mother. At that time, she shared that her mother gives the “best advice”, especially love and life advice.

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