Jose Manalo’s Brief Visit to the Eat Bulaga Studio

Jose Manalo, the host of E.A.T, recently paid a brief visit to the Eat Bulaga studio located in Rizal.

In a photo shared online, the comedian-host can be seen standing in front of APT Studios, which has been his home for several years.

Jose Manalo Makes a Stopover at the Eat Bulaga Studio

Jose Manalo visits the Eat Bulaga studio briefly

JOSE MANALO – The E.A.T host caught the attention of netizens after he was spotted making a brief visit to the APT Studios of Eat Bulaga in Rizal.

On September 15, Bes Phils 2, a fan page dedicated to supporting the revamped version of Eat Bulaga, shared a picture of Jose as he made a stopover at the studio where he had worked for many years. In the photo, Jose could be seen capturing an image of the studio and exchanging greetings with some onlookers before departing from the location.

In the caption of its post, the administrator of the Facebook page urged Jose to consider returning to Eat Bulaga rather than remaining with Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon on TV5. “Jose Manalo, nag stop-over sa APT Studio, namimis siguro ang mga dating katrabaho sa EB. Kung ako sayo Jose, wag mo ipilit sarili mo kung di ka happy halata kase sa mukha mo, balik ka nalang sa EB sa Tahanang Pinakamasaya,” wrote the page’s admin.

Apparently, the post earned backlash from netizens, with some suggesting that there was no chance Jose would side with Television and Production Exponents (TAPE) Inc, the production company behind Eat Bulaga.

Netizen Reymar suggested that Jose might be amused by the situation and questioned what was there to miss. Netizen Jesus commented that the admin should show more understanding and respect for whatever decision Jose makes. They mentioned that they don’t favor either TVJ or Jalosjos but watch the new EB because of the new hosts.

As of press time, Jose has not provided any statement explaining the reason for his visit to the Eat Bulaga studio. For more news and the latest updates, feel free to visit more often as well as our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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