GMA’s AI Sportscasters Receive Backlash

AI sportscasters of GMA criticized

MAIA AND MARCO – The introduction of AI sportscasters by GMA Network for the NCAA Season 99 men’s basketball tournament on September 24 has generated significant backlash on social media.

GMA’s attempt to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into everyday media production received a less-than-enthusiastic response from the public, with many expressing concern, disappointment, and unease. On GMA’s social media accounts, the negative comments started pouring in within hours of the announcement. People voiced their concerns, describing the innovation as “alarming,” “saddening,” and “unsettling.”

One user pointed out that there are numerous skilled human sportscasters capable of performing brilliantly in these roles and expressed worry that AI might lack the ability to convey the emotional intensity and human drama that are integral to sports, potentially reducing viewer engagement.

Another user emphasized the indirect discouragement this move might have on Mass Communication students who aspire to pursue careers in sports broadcasting. This sentiment was echoed by several other comments, indicating a shared sense of concern.

Even rising PBA star Javee Mocon, who occasionally comments on NCAA games, humorously quipped in Filipino to fellow pro baller Rey Nambatac, “We no longer have jobs,” highlighting the potential impact on human sportscasters.

GMA’s Facebook post about the AI sportscasters gained significant traction, amassing over 11,000 shares and 30,000 reactions. Notably, more than 21,000 of these reactions were categorized as “Sad,” with an additional 2,000 marked as “Angry.”

GMA Network described the AI project in a press release as a “groundbreaking initiative” that aligns with their mission of “Mas malaking misyon, mas malawak na paglilingkod sa bayan”. They also framed it as an effort to “promote inclusivity in our reporting.”

Meanwhile, the AI sportscasters, Maia and Marco, made their debut during the opening ceremony of NCAA Season 99 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

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