Christian Group Supports MTRCB’s Decision to Suspend It’s Showtime

Here’s the message of support of the Christian Coalition Movement to MTRCB

CCM SUPPORTS MTRCB – The Christian Coalition Movement fully supports the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board regarding its resolution imposing a 12-day suspension on “It’s Showtime.” The CCM believes that the icing-licking incident between Vice Ganda and Ion Perez during the July 25, 2023 episode of the show violated the “rules of decent, moral, and good public program.”

In their statement of support dated September 10, 2023, the CCM expressed its confidence in MTRCB Chairperson Lala Sotto and the board’s decision. They asserted that the behavior displayed on the show was sensual, obscene, and morally offensive, which should be restricted to private and regulated viewing. They emphasized that such content goes against the principles of general patronage, potentially influencing young children with inappropriate values.

The CCM argued that amid significant national challenges such as economic problems, public issues, and security threats, indecent and immoral shows on live television add to the concerns of Filipino families. They emphasized that freedom of speech is not absolute and that the MTRCB has acted in accordance with the law and due process in issuing the resolution.

Lala Sotto, the Chairperson of MTRCB, faced questions about her impartiality due to her family’s connection to a rival TV show. However, the CCM defended her, stating that she voluntarily recused herself from the board deliberations to avoid any conflict of interest. They asserted that Chairperson Sotto acted wisely and independently, and the MTRCB board reached its decision mutually.

The CCM urged the public to respect the MTRCB’s decision, emphasizing that it enjoys the presumption of regularity and validity under Philippine laws. They also encouraged the show’s producers and hosts to follow regular administrative procedures if they wish to challenge the resolution.

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