Bugoy Cariño Reacts to Basher Who Accused Him of Being “Palamunin” of Fiancée EJ Laure’s Parents

Bugoy Cariño accused of being “palamunin” of EJ Laure’s parents

BUGOY CARIÑO – The well-known actor and dancer found himself in a situation where he had to defend his reputation against a critical individual who labeled him a “palamunin.”

This came after Bugoy posted a short video featuring himself and his fiancée, EJ Laure. The video was filmed at the Aquila Crystal Palace in Tagaytay, and it hinted that the couple was already on the lookout for a wedding venue, as they had plans to tie the knot in 2024. Bugoy captioned the post with a message that playfully suggested that EJ would soon become “Mrs. Cariño.”

Many social media users left comments on Bugoy’s post. However, one particular comment from a netizen caught Bugoy’s attention. The netizen accused Bugoy of being a “palamunin” and suggested that he was taking advantage of EJ’s family. “Walangya naman Bugoy. Yan b muka mo ay kasing kapal n ng simento! Ma awa k ky Kuya Edie Palamon k ng pamilya,” the netizen wrote.

In response to this accusation, Bugoy decided to defend himself. He challenged the netizen to provide evidence that he was indeed a “palamunin.” and even offered to provide financial support to the accuser if they could prove their claim. Pag napatunayan nyo pong palamunin ako, bigyan po kita pang palamon [laughing emoji]”

While Bugoy addressed this particular accusation, there were other negative comments from netizens regarding Bugoy and EJ’s relationship. However, Bugoy chose not to respond to those, possibly recognizing the futility of engaging with every critical comment. It’s worth noting that amidst the negative comments, there were also netizens who came to Bugoy and EJ’s defense, showing support for the couple.

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