Tricycle Driver Showcases Extreme Balancing Skills While Playing Yo-yo

Extreme balancing while playing Yo-yo

UNIQUE TALENT – A tricycle driver from Candelaria, Quezon, has garnered the attention of netizens due to his extreme balancing skills while playing with a Yo-yo.

In the video posted by Jeffrey Pelaez on the social networking site Facebook on July 28, the tricycle driver, likely in his senior years, displays his balancing abilities. He can be observed riding what appears to be a unicycle.

To maintain his balance, he’s assisted by a handlebar attached to the wheel. Apart from showcasing his extreme balancing skills, the elderly man can also be seen playing with a Yo-yo.

As per the uploader, nearly everyone is familiar with the tricycle driver. Whenever he doesn’t have passengers, his pastime is amusing himself by displaying his unique talent.

The caption of the post reads: “Hindi ka taga Candelaria Quezon kung hindi mo nakikita at kilala si tatay. Isa sya Tricycle driver dito sa Candelaria kapag walang pasahero ito libangan nya ..nakakatuwa pagmasdan ang kanya natatangi talento sa pag balance w/ yoyo. Saludo sayo tatay.”

Meanwhile, a Yo-yo is a classic toy that people of all ages have enjoyed for centuries. It consists of two disks, typically made of plastic or metal, connected by an axle with a string looped around it. The string is wound tightly around the axle, allowing it to be thrown downward and then returned to the hand with a simple tug.

The basic concept of this toy is simple, but it opens up a world of possibilities for tricks, stunts, and skillful maneuvers. Skilled players can make the Yo-yo perform a wide range of tricks by manipulating the string, controlling the speed and direction of the Yo-yo’s spin, and mastering various techniques.

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