SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – Paperang P2 Portable Photo Printer (Features, Specs & Price)

Introducing the Paperang P2 Portable Photo Printer

SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – Paperang P2 Portable Photo Printer allows you to print your photos anytime, anywhere.

The Paperang P2 is a portable photo printer that uses special thermal printing technology. This means it can create pictures that look really clear and sharp, like the ones you get from big printers.

It has a high resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi). The Paperang P2 is also quite small, only about 3.27 x 3.35 x 1.8 inches in size. It has a small battery inside that can last a long time, and you can carry it around easily. You can connect it to your phone using Bluetooth. It works with Android phones and iPhones.

When you get the Paperang P2, it even comes with an extra roll of paper to start printing right away. You can choose the color you like – they have Green, Pink, White, Minion, and more. This makes your printed pictures look cool and match your style. You can use this printer to make your scrapbook more fun, create stickers with your own designs, or give pictures to your friends and family.

The Paperang brand is known for being real and making good products, and this P2 model has a warranty from the company for 6 months. This means if anything goes wrong with it, the company will help you fix it. People really like the Paperang P2 – they rated it very high, almost 5 stars! Lots of people have bought it – over 1.5 thousand of them. And guess what? When you buy it, you also get an extra roll of paper for free! The price of the printer is between ₱2,299 and ₱2,699. This is a good deal, especially if you want to make your photos more fun and creative.

So, if you want to print your photos quickly and easily, the Paperang P2 Portable Photo Printer which is available at paperangofficialstore is a great choice. It’s not too big, it connects to your phone easily, and it prints really well. Don’t miss out – get your own Paperang P2 now and have fun printing your memories anytime you want!

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