Rob Gomez Says Shaila Rebortera and Daughter Are ‘Not An Option For Me To Lose’

Rob Gomez: “You are not an option for me to lose.”

ROB GOMEZ — The “Magandang Dilag” actor recently shared that Shaila Rebortera and their daughter are not an option for him to lose.

The actor posted a series of photos of Shaila and their daughter on his social media account for the first time. Aside from this, he also shared a video where he and Shaila can be seen attending a concert.

In the caption of his post, he said that he now understands why distance is the “hardest thing to give family”.

Rob Gomez Shaila Rebortera
Photos: Rob Gomez / Instagram

Rob also said that Shaila and their daughter are not an option for him to lose and he can’t wait to have them back in his arms.

I now understand why distance is the hardest thing to give family,” he said in the caption of his social media post. “This is my why, my princess, my queen, my sunshine and my world. My choice everyday, in this lifetime and the next.

The actor also apologize to Shaila because he said yes to being single when he’s not. He went on to express his love for her and their daughter and also vow to keep his promises this time.

In an interview on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda”, Rob said that he’s single but there’s someone else that he’s courting at that time. He added that he’s “very happy” with how everything is going with work and with his life outside of work.

Shaila posted a series of photos with Rob and their daughter Amelia and said that she has always been told to wait for the “perfect time” to tell the world about her daughter but she realized that there’s no such thing as “perfect time”.

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