Rob Gomez Gets Asked About Real Score Between Him and Herlene Budol

Rob Gomez on Herlene Budol: “We’re really good friends”

ROB GOMEZ – Here’s what the “Magandang Dilag” actor said when he was asked about the real score between him and actress-comedienne Herlene Budol.

It can be recalled that he was asked in an interview last December 2022 how he would describe Herlene Budol. At that time, he said that the actress-comedienne is a “real person”, “very outspoken”, “very truthful”, and is true to herself.

A lot of people were intrigued by them when he and Herlene walked together on the red carpet during this year’s GMA Gala Night. Herlene even introduced Rob as her date, as seen in her social media post.

Rob Gomez Herlene Budol
Photo: Herlene Budol / Instagram

Rob appeared on Thursday’s episode on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” where he was asked if he’s courting the Miss Philippines Tourism 2023 titleholder. In an interview with the King of Talk, the actor said that he’s not courting her as they’re “really good friends”.

He also said that Herlene Budol is “really smart and funny girl” and so he’s very lucky to be able to work with her. According to the actor, he’s single but there’s someone else that he’s currently courting.

Meron po s’yempre kawawa naman tayo kung wala tayong love life,” Rob told Boy Abunda in an interview. “I don’t know if I can disclose it, but we do, we always have someone.

However, it seems that Boy Abunda was not satisfied with Rob’s answer and squealed to explain the state of his heart now. According to the actor, he’s “very happy” with how everything is going with work and with his life outside of work.

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