Kris Bernal Challenges Husband To Get A Taste Of What It’s Like To Get Pregnant

Kris Bernal: “A day in the life of a pregnant man”

KRIS BERNAL – The actress and content creator challenged her husband Perry Choi to get a taste of what it’s like to get pregnant.

The actress has been open about her pregnancy journey on social media. It can be recalled that she announced last March that she and her husband are expecting their first child and revealed last April that they’re expecting a baby girl.

Perry and Kris got married in 2021.

Kris Bernal Perry Choi
Screenshot from Kris Bernal video on Instagram

Kris posted a video on her social media account where she share “a day in the life of a pregnant man”. According to the actress, the video was just for fun while she’s waiting to give birth to their first child.

In the video, her husband can be seen trying to do daily chores with two melons and a watermelon attached to his body.

Some husbands think it’s easy peasy, but every action truly requires a lot of effort!” the actress said in the caption of her post. “And, this was not quite accurate because watermelon should be bigger in size!

In a separate post on Instagram, Kris expressed her gratitude to Perry for taking care of her throughout her pregnancy journey with so much grace and patience. She also said that Perry is a “great husband” and a “great dad”.

According to the actress and content creator, she has always felt so lucky to be loved by her husband and she also has never felt more than blessed than she does now to be starting a family with him and their child.

We’ve gone through so many stages together as a couple, and our lives have been full of love and magical adventures, that it seems impossible to think that the best is yet to come!” she said to her husband.

It can be recalled that Kris gave a reaction about insensitive comments comparing her with other pregnant mothers. At that time, the actress shared that being compared to other pregnant women like her is downright “toxic”.

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