Juancho Triviño Pranks Wife With Empty Box Of PS5, Joyce Pring Surprises Husband With A Real One

Joyce Pring to Juancho Triviño: “Wag mo ako pina-prank prank ha!!!”

JUANCHO TRIVIÑO – The actor received PlayStation 5 from his wife Joyce Pring after he pulled a prank on her by giving her an empty box of it.

It can be recalled that Juancho posted a video where he tried to prank his wife by bringing a box of PS5 and told her that he bought it. But when Joyce told him “Wag ka dito matulog”, he then told her that it’s just a prank.

Days after, Joyce posted a video where she surprised her husband by giving him an actual PS5.

Juancho Triviño Joyce Pring

In the caption of her social media post, Joyce shared that her husband wanted to have PS5 since it came out and she always dismissed it because in her head, being a full grown adult means one shouldn’t play games anymore.

The content creator shared that playing games is the only way for some people – including her husband – to unwind. She then revealed that her partner doesn’t do anything else except workout and play his PS4 when he gets stressed.

Joyce also said that she never really knew how much PS5 meant to Juancho until he pranked her, adding that she saw on his face a look of “uy joke lang pero deh gusto ko talaga” when he did that video at that time.

She then shared that she went and bought the PlayStation 5 and gave it to her husband while they’re having their morning coffee.

As seen in the video, Juancho was surprised when he saw and unboxed the PlayStation 5 that he received from his wife. When the actor asked the reason why she decided to give him PS5, his wife told him “it’s the only thing that you do”.

In the comments section, she apologized in advance to all girls who are being tagged in her social media post and told them that they “got to give it to the boys sometimes”.

Juancho and Joyce privately tied the knot in 2019 and had a wedding ceremony last 2020. The couple have two children named Alfonso Eliam and Agnes Eleanor.

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