GSIS Death Benefit Requirements for Government Employees

Guide on GSIS Death Benefit Requirements under the Employees Compensation Program

GSIS DEATH BENEFIT REQUIREMENTS – You can check the documents below in applying for the GSIS Employees Compensation Program.

Employees of the government and the public sector who are members of the Government Service Insurance System, more popularly called GSIS, have a lengthened list of resources because of their membership to the state-run social insurance institution. It is one of the biggest social insurance institutions in the country.

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The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) offers several different types of benefits, loans, and other services to its members. One of its offers which is exclusive for the employees of the government and the public sector is the GSIS Employees Compensation Program.

The GSIS Employees Compensation Program has a wide coverage for the employees of the government. Here is a list of the benefits under the said program:

  1. Medical services, appliances and supplies
  2. Rehabilitation services
  3. Temporary total disability benefit
  4. Permanent total disability benefit
  5. Permanent partial disability benefit
  6. Death benefit
  7. Funeral Benefit
GSIS Death Benefit Requirements
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The Government Service Insurance System has set different requirements for the claim in each benefit offer of the Employees Compensation Program such as the GSIS Sickness Benefit requirements, the GSIS Disability Benefit requirements, and the list of documents needed in filing a claim for the Death Benefit.

In filing a claim for the GSIS Employees Compensation Program for the passing of an employee-member, the beneficiary must prepare the following GSIS Death Benefit requirements:

  • Updated service record
  • Statement of duties and responsibilities
  • proofs of Surviving Legal Heirs and Guardianship
  • Police investigation report, employer’s report of injury, death/casualty (for civilian employees) spot report, investigation report and or report of proceedings before Line of Duty Board (for AFP members)
  • Mission or Travel Order, when applicable
  • Hospital record of confinement
  • Official receipts in payment of hospital bills, professional fees and medicines purchased from a drugstore
  • Death certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar or National Statistics Office (NSO), and
  • Declaration of presumptive death by competent authority

There is a possibility that the Government Service Insurance System will request additional documents from the beneficiaries or legal heirs of the deceased GSIS member. Here are the possible additional requirements that must be submitted in original copies when requested:

For Primary Beneficiaries

  • Death Certificate
  • Birth Certificate of the deceased worker if single
  • Birth Certificate of children below 21 years old
  • Marriage Contract

For Secondary Beneficiaries

  • Death certificate of deceased employee
  • Death certificate of a parent, if any
  • Marriage contract of parents
  • Birth certificate of deceased employee
  • Affidavit by parents of the deceased that the latter died single
    leaving no child/ren and that they/he/she are/is wholly dependent
    upon deceased for support

Part of the GSIS Death Benefit requirements are duly-accomplished forms. The beneficiary or claimant must secure a copy of the following forms and provide the necessary information needed:

  • proofs of Surviving Legal Heirs and Guardianship

The claim to the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) must be made the legal heirs within three (3) years since the death of the deceased member. In case the application for claim is denied by the state-run social insurance agency, you may file for an appeal in the form of a simple letter addressed to the Employee’s Compensation Commission (ECC).

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