Disability Claim SSS — Guide on the Application Process & Requirements

Filing Disability Claim SSS Procedure & the Documents You Must Prepare

DISABILITY CLAIM SSS – You can check the guide below for the application process and requirements in filing a Disability Benefit claim.

In the Philippines, if you are a member of a government agency, you have options to turn to most especially in times of medical and financial crisis. Most government agencies in the country have several loans and benefits that members can turn to. One of these state entities is the Social Security System, more popularly called SSS.

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There are several SSS benefits for the members of the Social Security System. One of those in the list is the SSS Disability Benefit or also called the Disability claim. It is a benefit offer that a qualified member may turn to in the event that he/she encounters disability due to an accident or another instance.

Disability Claim SSS
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The Social Security System has set an eligibility criteria for qualification to the Disability claim of the SSS. To qualify, the member must:

  • have paid at least one (1) month contribution before the semester of the disability
  • have paid at least 36 monthly contributions prior to the semester of the disability for the Disability Pension;
  • a Disability Lump Sum is granted for a member who got disabled but with less than 36 monthly contributions

The claim for the Disabilty Benefit of the SSS must be filed to the SSS within three (3) years since the member became disabled. The benefit offer covers both partial and total permanent disabilities. Here are the partial permanent disabilities covered under the benefit offer:

  • loss of a finger
  • loss of an arm
  • loss of a foot
  • loss of a leg
  • loss of an ear

The Disability Benefit offer of the Social Security System also covers total pemanent disabilities such as the following:

  • blindness of two (2) eyes
  • loss of two (2) hands
  • loss of two (2) feet
  • permanent paralysis of two (2) hands
  • permanent paralysis of two (2) feet
  • mental problem due to brain damage

To file a Disability claim to SSS, there are SSS Disability Benefit requirements that you must prepare and submit to a branch of the Social Security System nearest to you. The state-run social insurance agency will evaluate the case.

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