SSS Disability Benefit Requirements You Must Submit in Filing Claim

Guide on the SSS Disabilty Benefit Requirements Claim Application

SSS DISABILITY BENEFIT REQUIREMENTS – The Social Security System requires the following documents in filing a Disability Benefit claim.

Most private companies in the Philippines require their employees to be members of the Social Security System or more popularly called the SSS. It is a state-run social insurance institution that provides several benefits, loans, and other services to its members widening their resources.

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As mentioned above, the Social Security System has several benefit offers for its members. It also requests different requirements such as the requirements for the SSS Maternity Benefit and the SSS Disability Benefit requirements.

In this article, let us talk about the Disability Benefit of the Social Security System. The state-run social insurance institution provides provides a claim for its eligible members who unfortunately encountered an incident that left them with a permanent disability.

Part of the SSS Disability Benefit requirements is that the member must have posted a total of at least 36 monthly contributions prior to the semester of the disability. Furthermore, the member must have paid at least one (1) month of contribution before the semester of the disability.

SSS Disability Benefit Requirements
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The SSS benefit for its members faced with disability covers both partial permanent disability such as the loss of a finger, a foot, a leg, an arm, an ear, and the following total permanent disability cases:

  • loss of two(2) feet
  • loss of two(2) hands
  • permanent paralysis of two (2) hands
  • blindness of two(2) eyes
  • loss of two(2) feet
  • mental problem due to brain damage
  • permanent paralysis of two (2) feet

The Disability Benefit of the Social Security System is different from the SSS Sickness Benefit. The SSS Disability Benefit requirements includes the submission of the following documents in applying for a claim to the branch of the state-run social insurance institution nearest to you:

  1. Disability Claim Application (DisCA) Form
  2. Photo and Signature Form
  3. SSS Medical Certificate Form
  4. Supporting medical records
  5. SS card or other valid IDs

Aside from the Sickness Benefit and the Disability Benefit, the SSS also offers a Maternity Benefit which has its own set of requirements for pregnant members of the agency who wants to file a claim.

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