10 Best Work From Home Jobs In PH

10 Best Home Based Work, Jobs In The Philippines

WORK FROM HOME JOBS – The top ten (10) work from home opportunities in the Philippines are listed below.

In times of financial hardship, common reactions typically involve searching the Classified Ads section of the newspaper, reaching out to potential employers by phone, or embarking on the challenging journey of job hunting with tailored suits and resumes. Although these options can be profitable, many individuals overlook the significant benefits offered by part-time, home-based employment opportunities.

Thanks to the availability of internet access and modern technology, these opportunities have proliferated in today’s society, akin to the rapid growth of mushrooms. Are you interested in a remote work-from-home job-based in the Philippines? If so, keep scrolling! Within this article, we will extensively discuss the finest remote work-from-home jobs available in the Philippines.

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Top 10 Remote Work-from-Home Jobs in the Philippines

1. Project Manager

Job Description: A project manager oversees diverse initiatives and ventures within a company. Their role involves monitoring progress and ensuring completion aligns with client expectations. Although project managers typically aren’t directly engaged in project tasks, they need comprehensive industry-specific project knowledge.

Expected Salary: P81,298 per month

2. Web Content Manager/Editor

Job Description: These professionals collaborate with writers and other staff to create client content while supervising material design and development. They hold responsibility for maintaining content quality, which encompasses grammar checks and readability assurance.

Expected Salary: Approximately P56,416 per month

3. AI Developer

Job Description: AI developers craft artificial intelligence software for businesses. They design adaptable systems catering to business needs, drawing from collected and analyzed data. Collaboration with data engineers, machine learning engineers, and data scientists is common, ensuring smooth system operations.

Expected Salary: Around P48,200  

4. App Developer

Job Description: App developers are computer software engineers focused on designing, testing, and programming applications for mobile devices, computers, and tablets. They work in teams, generating ideas for general or specific customer applications.

Expected Salary: About P44,155 per month

5. Human Resources Manager

Job Description: HR Managers hold pivotal roles as organizational administrators. They oversee candidate interviews, hiring processes, and daily administrative coordination in collaboration with executives, fostering a positive work environment for employees and managers.

Expected Salary: Approximately P43,903 per month

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6. Role of Digital Marketing Manager

Job Description: The role of a digital marketing manager involves devising strategies to promote brands, websites, or businesses in the online space. They possess expertise in areas such as search engine optimization, web analytics, content creation, social media engagement, and email marketing.

Expected Salary: PHP 42,790 per month

7. Business Analyst Position

Job Description: A business analyst specializes in evaluating businesses. Despite the job title, this role encompasses more than just data analysis. It involves various intricate and detailed responsibilities. While specific functions can differ based on industry and company size, typical tasks include assessing business operations, evaluating emerging concepts, liaising with different teams, and providing recommendations to enhance business efficiency.

Expected Salary: PHP 36,038 per month

8. Responsibilities of a Software Engineer

Job Description: Software engineers are tasked with conceiving and crafting software using engineering principles and programming languages. They also oversee the management and upkeep of databases and network control systems.

Expected Salary: PHP 34,909 per month

9. Web Developer Overview

Job Description: Web developers specialize in crafting and designing websites. This role is categorized into two types: front-end and back-end developers. Front-end developers focus on design aspects, while back-end developers are responsible for coding, handling databases, logic, and problem-solving.

Expected Salary: PHP 31,831 per month

10. Technical Writer Job

Job Description: Contrary to common misconceptions, the role of a technical writer does not solely involve producing extensive documentation elucidating intricate processes. Instead, they are responsible for deciphering complex technical information and presenting it in a comprehensible manner. This includes generating written content, interactive tutorials, and guides.

Expected Salary: PHP 32,651 per month

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