Woman, 21, Attacked by Bear While Planting Trees in Canada

Bear attacks woman planting trees in Canada

BEAR ATTACK – A 21-year-old woman was attacked by a bear while she was planting trees in a park in Canada.

A bear attack can be a terrifying and dangerous encounter in the wilderness. When a bear feels threatened or cornered, it may exhibit aggressive behavior, leading to an attack. The sheer strength and size of a bear make it a formidable opponent.

During an attack, it may charge, swipe with its powerful paws, or bite, causing severe injuries or even death. It is crucial to remain calm and avoid any sudden movements that could trigger the bear’s predatory instincts. Playing dead by lying face down on the ground with hands clasped behind the neck and legs spread apart is recommended for a brown or grizzly bear attack.

bear attack
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However, if it’s a black bear attack, fighting back with whatever means necessary, such as using a spray or striking its face and muzzle, might be the best course of action. Preventing an encounter in the first place by making noise, carrying deterrents, and properly storing food in bear-resistant containers can greatly reduce the risk of an attack. Understanding their behavior and knowing how to react can significantly increase the chances of surviving an encounter.

Speaking of which, a 21-year-old woman was attacked by the said animal while she was planting trees in a park in Canada. According to a statement released by the Conservation Officer Service, the woman was “seriously injured” as a result of the incident.

“Conservation Officers have determined that a tree planter seriously injured by a bear yesterday near Tumbler Ridge was the victim of a defensive attack,” COS noted.

The woman is currently in the hospital and is said to be recovering. “The victim, who was interviewed by Conservation Officers, remains in hospital in stable condition. The COS wishes her all the best in her recovery,” COS added.

Meanwhile, authorities were unable to locate the animal when they arrived at the park. For more news and the latest updates, feel free to visit Newspapers.ph more often as well as our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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