Pura Luka Vega Declared Persona Non Grata in GenSan

GenSan issues persona non grata vs Pura Luka Vega

PURA LUKA VEGA – The controversial drag queen has been declared “persona non grata” in General Santos City.

The drag queen gained widespread attention when a video of him performing a remix version of the Filipino Lord’s Prayer, “Ama Namin,” while dressed as Jesus Christ went viral. This performance drew criticism from the public, including senators who found it offensive, disrespectful, and blasphemous. Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri even mentioned the possibility of pursuing criminal charges based on Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code.

Vega defended the act of dressing up as Jesus Christ, explaining it as a form of “art therapy” and drawing comparisons to how some Catholics dress as Jesus Christ during Holy Week for penitential purposes. Despite the backlash, Vega expressed a determination to continue impersonating Jesus Christ as a means of paying tribute to the Catholic faith from a unique queer perspective.

Pura Luka Vega

Apparently, the local government of General Santos City has declared the drag queen “persona non grata”, which means he is no longer welcome in the city. Based on the report on “State of the Nation” of GMA News, GenSan stressed that what Pura Luka Vega did “clearly offended” the Christian community.

Meanwhile, “Persona non grata” is a Latin term that translates to “an unwelcome person.” It refers to an individual who is not accepted or welcome in a particular country, organization, or social circle.

When someone is declared persona non grata, they are typically banned from entering or staying in that specific jurisdiction or community due to their actions, behavior, or affiliations that are deemed undesirable or harmful. This declaration is often made by a government or authority to express disapproval and protect the interests of the host country or group.

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