Police Officer Caught on Cam Assaulting 2 Minors in Bacolod City

2 minors were assaulted by a police officer in Bacolod

BACOLOD CITY – A police officer stands accused of physically assaulting two minors.

The incident, which took place last Monday, has garnered attention after being captured on camera. The officer in question, identified as Police Staff Sergeant Harry Gonzaga, allegedly punched and kneed the minors following an incident involving his vehicle. The victims’ family has remained steadfast in their pursuit of justice, leading to an ongoing investigation and potential legal repercussions for the officer involved.

The altercation occurred when a group of children, including the two minors, were engaged in a playful activity. Unfortunately, an argument escalated, resulting in one of the children throwing a stone, unintentionally hitting Gonzaga’s parked car. In response, the police officer allegedly resorted to physical violence, striking the minors with punches and knees. The entire incident was captured on video, further fueling public outrage and condemnation.

Bacolod police officer
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Following the incident, a meeting took place between Gonzaga and the victims’ family at the barangay level. Despite the officer’s apology during the encounter, the family remained resolute in pursuing legal action against him. They felt that a mere apology was insufficient to address the severity of the assault on their children.

Attempts were made by the news team to gather Gonzaga’s side of the story. However, the officer did not respond to any text messages or phone calls, leaving his motives and justifications undisclosed.

The Negros Occidental Police have taken swift action by restricting Gonzaga’s movements within the police camp while an investigation into the incident is underway. The local authorities are treating the case seriously and are committed to ensuring a fair and impartial investigation. The evidence captured on camera will be a crucial factor in determining the veracity of the allegations against Gonzaga.

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