Leni Robredo Showcases Skills in Playing Lato-Lato

Leni Robredo tries playing lato-lato

LENI ROBREDO – The former Vice President showcased her skills in playing the traditional game “lato-lato.”

In a vlog, Robredo granted a request to try out the popular children’s game. Even though it was her first time playing, Robredo impressively managed to juggle two balls of lato-lato for a few seconds. She mentioned that she learned how to play the game by watching videos on social media.

The netizens expressed their admiration and amusement at Robredo’s ability to quickly pick up the game, considering it was her first attempt. Her participation in activities like these showcases her approachability and willingness to engage in various aspects of Filipino culture.

Leni Robredo

Meanwhile, clackers, also known by various names such as Clankers, Ker-Bangers, and lato-lato in the Philippines, gained popularity in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Initially, they were made from tempered glass spheres, posing a risk of shattering upon impact and potentially causing harm.

However, manufacturers transitioned in the early 1970s and started using plastic spheres suspended on strings instead. When swung forcefully against each other, these plastic spheres would produce a loud clacking sound. Clackers bear a resemblance to the Argentine weapon known as “bolas.”

The toy consists of two solid polymer balls, each approximately 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter. These balls are attached to a finger tab using a sturdy string. By utilizing hand motions to swing the balls up and down, they collide and create a distinct clacking noise. Skilled players can make the balls strike both above and below their hand.

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