Lato-Lato Takes Center Stage in Civil Engineering Classroom

Lato-Lato Takes Center Stage in Civil Engineering Classroom

A civil engineering student shared how ‘lato-lato’ takes the center stage of their classroom during their lesson on cylindrical coordinates.

A video shared by civil engineering student Andrei Clyde Orpilla featuring their lesson on cylindrical coordinates with a touch of lato-lato has caught the attention of netizens. The video elicits reactions online.

The video showcases their professor, Engr. Daniel James Molina, teaching Dynamics of Rigid Bodies to his second-year college students.


Professor Molina explained that he decided to incorporate a lato-lato example to add a bit of excitement and engagement to the topic. As a math-based subject that poses challenges to students, he thought that using a relatable example would encourage their active participation.

“Bigla ko lang naisip na lagyan ng lato-lato na example para lang may konting pang-engganyo sa mga students para makinig sila sa topic dahil math-based yung subject and it is a bit challenging on their end,” Professor Molina explained.

The integration of real-life examples, such as the popular lato-lato problem, into engineering lessons can help students better understand complex concepts. By relating abstract theories to practical scenarios, professors like Engr. Molina can capture the interest and attention of their students, making the learning process more enjoyable and relatable.

“Nainspire ako mag isip ng ganitong example dahil may isang nagtrend din na post sa facebook about sa isang lato-lato problem rin pero kinetics naman siya na topic. Actually sinolve ko yung problem na iyon and nagtrend din yung solution ko for sometime. pero May ginawa lang akong revision sa problem para magamit siya sa topic na tinuro ko doon sa video,” he added.

The video has a caption:

“sabihin mo sa lumalandi sayo maglato lato kami,pero isosolve namen”

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