Lato-Lato Spotted Hanging on a Cable: “May napagod na”

Lato-lato hanging on a cable caught the attention of netizens

LATO-LATO – It seems that someone got tired of playing with the popular toy and decided to hang it on a cable.

Clackers, also known by various names like Clankers, Ker-Bangers, and lato-lato in the Philippines, gained popularity in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Initially, they were crafted from tempered glass spheres that posed a risk of shattering upon impact, potentially causing harm.

However, manufacturers made a switch in the early 1970s, opting for plastic spheres suspended on strings instead. When swung forcefully against each other, these plastic spheres would produce a loud clacking sound. Clackers bear a resemblance to the Argentine weapon known as “bolas.”

Photo credit to the owner

The toy comprises two solid polymer balls, each measuring around 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter. These balls are attached to a finger tab using a durable string. By employing hand motions to swing the balls up and down, they collide and generate a distinctive clacking noise. Skilled players have the ability to make the balls strike both above and below their hand.

However, it seems that someone got tired of playing with a “lato-lato” and decided to hang it on a cable. In a shared photo on Twitter by Jilson Tiu, the “lato-lato” can be seen hanging on a cable. Tiu humorously commented, “May napagod na.” Several netizens also chimed in with their own witty remarks upon seeing the photo.

Meanwhile, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently announced that they will be confiscating “lato-lato” toys. According to DTI Usec. Ruth Castelo, selling these toys is prohibited because they lack a certificate of product notification.

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