Jolina Magdangal Shares Thoughts About Social Media Influencers

Jolina Magdangal: “They won’t be called influencers if people don’t find them relatable.

JOLINA MAGDANGAL – The actress-host recently shared her thoughts about social media influencers.

Social media influencers are being hired by producers and companies to become brand endorsers or to host events and shows.

In a recent virtual chat with Inquirer Entertainment, the “Sinong Manok Mo?” host said that she has never felt threatened by social media influencers.

Jolina Magdangal
Photo: Jolina Magdangal / Instagram

According to her, she feels that those social media influencers will never become successful if they don’t have anything good to offer their followers. She also said that social media influencers must have planned well whatever content they show on their social media platforms.

They won’t be called influencers if people don’t find them relatable. This is the reason companies invest in them,” Jolina said in an interview with Inquirer Entertainment. “It just so happened that attention is currently focused on the digital platforms.

The actress-host also said that she follows quite a number of social media influencers and would even post comments in order to compliment them whenever she finds some of their content inspiring or funny.

According to a report on Inquirer, the actress-host is working closely with some social media influencers – particularly Jackie Gonzaga, Patsy Reyes, Ralph Malibunas, and Zendee – in PIE Channel’s weekend game-variety program “Sinong Manok Mo?” (SMM).

The actress-host said that she’s very hands-on when it comes to teaching younger talents about being effective hosts of “Sinong Manok Mo?” She shared that she turns to them when she wants to learn about current trends and also learn how to react to situations that her children could possibly encounter in the future.

Jolina added that the Jolina that people see on PIE Channel is the “real me” and what people see in “Magandang Buhay” is different because she interviews guests and also tries to find out their stories.

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