Isko Moreno Speaks On Joaquin Domagoso Having A Child

Isko Moreno: “Life is life. Every life is a blessing”

ISKO MORENO – The “Eat Bulaga” host recently spoke about his son, actor Joaquin Domagoso, having a child at a young age.

To recall, Joaquin guested on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” last February where he shared that he felt the pressure of having his own child months before his girlfriend, Raffa Castro, gave birth.

The former Manila mayor appeared on Monday’s episode of the show where he opened up about his son becoming a father at a young age.

Isko Moreno Joaquin Domagoso

In an interview, Boy Abunda said that Joaquin Domagoso told him that his father was happy to be a grandfather to his first child. Isko confirmed it and told the King of Talk “Life is life.

However, Isko’s wife Diana Lynn Domagoso advised their son and his girlfriend not to tie the knot yet. According to the “Eat Bulaga” host, his son and his girlfriend are still very young.

It’s not about the love, the relationship,” Isko said. “You think over but for the meantime you have to be responsible for another mouth.

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Isko also spoke about noontime show rivalries in the same interview, saying that having options for noontime shows benefits the viewers. He also said that he’s focusing on being the best he can be on his craft.

According to the “Eat Bulaga” host, competition in noontime shows is healthy because “lalabas lahat ng galing ng mga artista”.

It was last year when Raffa and Joaquin welcomed their child, Scott. Their baby boy turned one year old last March.

To recall, Joaquin shared that he and his partner agreed that they need to plan first instead of rushing to get married just because they have a baby. The actor also admitted that he felt scared to be a dad at a young age.

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