Woman’s Attempt at Making Leche Flan Goes Hilariously Wrong

Gorgeous Woman’s Attempt at Making Leche Flan Goes Hilariously Wrong

HOMEMADE LECHE PLAN – A gorgeous woman’s attempt at making a homemade “Leche Flan” goes hilariously wrong.

A post shared by Samantha Osayan on her Facebook account has gone viral and garnered various reactions from the online community.

Osayan shared the outcome of her homemade “Leche Flan” that turned out to be a complete disaster on Wednesday (June 21, 2023).

Leche Flan

In the photo uploaded by Samantha, her Leche Flan looks more like scrambled egg rather than the smooth and creamy dessert it’s supposed to be. The appearance is far from what was expected.

Samantha explains that she aimed to make a low-carb version of Leche Flan since she cannot consume sugary foods. Therefore, she claims she did not use any condensed milk in her recipe. However, the result was far from the desired outcome.

“30 minutes ko lang po siyang niluto at pinakuluan sa medium heat. And after na maluto hindi ko na po pinalamig, diretso na sa plato kaya ayon ang pangit ng kinalabasan,” Samantha explained.

Ano pong kulang sa LECHE plan ko?” reads the caption on her Facebook post.

Various responses from netizens can be seen in the comment section. Samantha mentions that she didn’t expect her Facebook post to trend.

“Actually may video po ako. Hahaha ‘di ko na lang i-nupload kasi nahihiya ako sa result. I didn’t expect naman na magtrending,” she says.

Despite the unappealing appearance of Samantha’s Leche Flan, she claims that it tastes delicious.

In the end, Samantha’s viral Leche Flan mishap has not only provided entertainment but has also brought people together in shared experiences and laughter. It reminds us all to embrace imperfections and find joy in the simple pleasures, even when things don’t go according to plan.

The internet users expressed their reactions to the post:

Leche Flan

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