Vin Abrenica Reveals He and Brother Aljur Don’t Talk About Their Relationships

Vin Abrenica on brother Aljur: “We don’t talk about relationships”

Vin Abrenica – The actor clarified that he respects the romantic decisions of his older brother, Aljur Abrenica.

Vin is happily married to his wife, Sophie Albert. The public is aware of Aljur’s separation from his wife, Kylie Padilla, as well as his new relationship with his girlfriend, AJ Raval.

When asked if he gives Aljur advice on his personal life, Vin explained their dynamics as siblings. He stated that as brothers, they don’t discuss their relationships. Growing up with an authoritative father, they never talk about their past or present romantic experiences. They have mutual respect and believe that each can handle their own lives.

Sophie Albert and Vin Abrenica
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Vin Abrenica shared that he is more likely to seek advice from Aljur, being the younger sibling. When he opens up to his brother, it’s usually about his own experiences or seeking guidance. He mentioned that Aljur, being the eldest, sets an example for him.

Vin also mentioned that working with his brother had more advantages than disadvantages. Initially, he considered the potential drawbacks, such as being too comfortable, but it turned out to be an advantage during their scenes together. He found it fulfilling to act alongside Aljur, as their shared experiences in life made it easier to evoke emotions and create powerful scenes.

AJ Raval and Aljur Abrenica
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When asked about people who believe he is a better actor than his brother, Vin expressed gratitude for their opinions but emphasized that Aljur is his brother and holds a special place in his heart. While he appreciates the compliments, it would be painful to hear that he is considered better than someone he loves.

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