Maggie Wilson Responds To People Asking Why She Doesn’t Have Another Baby

Maggie Wilson: “I’ve recently been getting quite a few people asking me why don’t I have another baby.”

MAGGIE WILSON – The former beauty queen recently responded to people asking her why she doesn’t have another baby.

It was last September 2021 when Maggie announced her breakup from Victor Consunji. At that time, she said that her former husband accused her of adultery with British-Thai digital entrepreneur Tim Connor but she denied this allegation.

The former beauty queen posted a series of photos with her son Connor and also responded to people asking her why she doesn’t have another baby.

Maggie Wilson
Photo: Maggie Wilson / Instagram

In response, Maggie said in the caption of her social media post that the answer to that question is “not yet”. She also said that she believes in “resolving issues before bringing another child into this world.”

Aside from this, she said that she will only think about tying the knot again “once the conflict is settled”.

I refuse until there is peace,” the former beauty queen said in the caption of her social media post. “I refuse to put my son through more trauma. He doesn’t deserve that. I refuse to have him adapt without proper communication.

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The former beauty queen also said that she wants Connor to feel safe, to feel loved, and to be able to love, feel, and speak without fear.

According to her, no child should ever be brainwashed in order to fit someone else’s motive or made to adjust because adults can’t communicate and resolve their conflict and trauma.

Maggie also said that she will wait for as long as it takes before getting married again and bearing another child.

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