Liza Soberano’s Former RM Posts Photo of LizQuen Amid Rumored Breakup; Fans React

Fans of LizQuen were delighted over a photo of Liza and Enrique

LIZQUEN – The fans of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil were delighted to see a photo of them in one frame on the Instagram post of Maquie Raquiza Sarmiento, former road manager or RM of the actress.

It was just recently when Ogie Diaz, Liza’s former talent manager, claimed that the celebrity couple have reportedly ended their relationship. Diaz mentioned that speculation about their breakup arose from Soberano’s previous statements and interviews where she did not mention Gil.

There were also doubts about their relationship as Soberano appeared unsure about their love team and did not publicly greet Gil on his birthday. Diaz claimed that Soberano chose to prioritize her acting career in Hollywood, which ultimately led to their separation.

Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Gil, however, remained hopeful that they could still be together while allowing Soberano to pursue her dreams in Hollywood. Diaz expressed uncertainty about the involvement of a third party in the breakup. He hoped that if they were truly separated, they could still maintain a friendship or a civil relationship.

Amid their rumored separation, Maquie Raquiza Sarmiento, former road manager or RM, posted a photo of them in one frame which delighted the fans of LizQuen. Maquie captioned her IG post with “Hanggang Sa Muli Pilipinas.”

In the sixth photo, Enrique and Liza can be seen together with Maquie and others. Enrique wore a black shirt and a black hat with eyeglasses. Liza, on the other hand, wore a white shirt, had glasses on, and made a peace sign with both hands.

However, Maquie did not mention whether the photo was recent or taken a long time ago, which still brought joy to LizQuen fans, especially since their hearts are still hurting from rumors circulating that the two have separated.

For now, LizQuen has temporarily gone their separate ways as a love team. While Liza is in the US, hoping to further establish herself in Hollywood. Enrique. on the other hand, is in the Philippines and recently signed an exclusive contract with ABS-CBN.

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